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    Stick Figure Embroidery Hoops – Etsy Shop updated

    Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been remiss about saying hi.  My etsy shop has updated with some lovely new custom made stick figure embroideries – perfect as an engagement or wedding present.  They are all lovingly hand embroidered by me using quality anchor threads on natural calico fabric. Here are some pics, please please go check out my etsy page and I would love you forever if you like my shop too! It would really help as etsy decide what posts to show browsers depending on how popular your shop is.

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    Embroidery hoop necklaces

    I have recently been drooling over embroidery necklaces and you can get the cutest little embroidery hoops by a company called Dandelyne.  They are based in Australia and a bit too expensive for me.  I did a bit of research and found a couple of great companies on etsy U.K. who make a similar product. Here are a couple of necklaces *currently available* at my etsy shop, Melted Marshmallow.  They are completely hand embroidered by me using quality anchor embroidery threads and 100% cotton.

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    Mountain embroidery hoop

    After my last post introducing my new etsy shop – Melted Marshmallow – I wanted to share one of my current favourite embroideries. I used a lovely dark blue 100% cotton fabric and was a bit daring and I didn’t use a pattern and freehand embroidered these lovely mountains.  I used a lighter blue anchor thread and used satin stitch to make the mountains.  White anchor embroidery thread was perfect for the snow, moon and stars.   It is a lovely 4″ size, looks stunning both on a shelf or hung as a piece of wall art. Here are some pics – if you like this please like it on my…

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    Exciting News – Etsy Shop

    Hey everyone *exciting news* I’ve opened an etsy shop. Yay. It’s called Melted Marshmallow. (I couldn’t get The Melted Marshmallow, boo). My shop is displaying embroidery hoop art and framed baby gifts I have started making. The next post will introduce you to my embroidery journey. I really hope you will love these as much as I do – please let me know. I started embroidering a few months ago after falling in love with some fabulous hoop art on Pinterest.  If you follow me on Instagram @rachel_vass you will have been joining me on this journey, the highs and the lows! Here are some of the embroidery goodies in…